Shinsai: Oversized Surimono of Sword; Invitation to a Musical Gathering (RESERVED)

Ryuryukyo Shinsai

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Artist: Ryuryukyo Shinsai (active 1799-1832)
Title: Large Surimono of Sword; Invitation to a Musical Performance
Date: Ca. 1815

Oversized surimono complete with poem. We see a sword tied with a noshi, a kind of ceremonial folded paper that are attached to gifts to express good wishes. The sword lies in front of shimenawa (rice straw decorations typically seen in the New Year) and small ceremonial arrows. The writing, which shows upside down here as the work was intended to be folded for presentation, includes a program for a musical performance. Very scarce.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. With the folds as required in the original presentation of the surimono.
Dimensions: 38.2 x 52.4 cm
Seal: Shin and Sai
Signature: Shinsai


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