Hiratsuka Shoso: The Kidnapping of Pieter Nuyts in 1628


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Artist: Meiji Artist (1847-1915)
Title: Print after Painting of the Kidnapping of the Dutchman Pieter Nuyts
Date: ca. 1860s

The kidnapping of Pieter Nuyts in 1628. This Dutch ambassador to Japan for the Dutch East India Company was taken hostage by the Japanese in his own office. We can see the leg of a piece of western furniture, and the Japanese artist has taken pains to show the fabric as non-Japanese in design. Ostensibly depicting a painting from an earlier period, this is probably a veiled expression of wish-fulfillment of an earlier time when the Japanese took action against foreigners. Although undated, the colors and paper are Meiji Period, so this might reflect the anger that the Japanese felt at the bombardment by the English of Kagoshima in 1863. The style of the print is unusual, perhaps as it is ostensibly a copy of a 17th century painting. On the right is the title, "Hamada Yahyōe", a captain of a "red-seal" (officially approved) trading ship. 

Holland sent a representative (Pieter Nuyts) to negotiate concerns about a 10% tax, and apparently his attitude was arrogant and demeaning to the Japanese, 
so sea captain Hamada Yahyōe (in the employ of Nagasaki trader Suetsugu Heizō), and his crew fought with the Dutch group and took Nuyts captive. This must be the scene depicted in this print. On the right it reads:
"Satō Masamochi picture" and "Nonoguchi Takamasa poem."  
Dimensions: 36.5 c 49 cm  Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Two folds and monor repaired wormage. 
Signature: Unsigned 


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