Toyokuni II: Clearing Weather at Enoshima

Utagawa Toyokuni II 歌川豊重

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Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni II 歌川豊重
Title: Clearing Weather at Enoshima
Series: “Eight Famous Views” (Meishô hakkei)
Date: ca. 1833-34

Clearing Weather at Enoshima, Morokoshigahara off the Shore of Koyurugi (Enoshima seiran, Koyorugi no iso Morokoshigahara). From the set of “Eight Famous Views” (Meishô hakkei), we see the popular vacation destination of Enoshima, with visitors walking the sand connection to the island. In the foreground we see visitors walking on the beach, including a couple with young children, a man carrying goods (hats?) resting his load, and a fisherman carrying a basket, as well as a traveler in a large hat. Enoshima in the middle distance is seen, with hits cluster of buildings near the entrance torii and Mount Fuji rises to the right. Condition is similar to the British Museum example. Utagawa Toyoshige succeeded to his master’s name as Toyokuni II in 1825. 

Condition: Excellent impression; very good color and condition. Purple in title has changed. Very minor expert restorations near upper corners. 
Dimensions: oban 25.7 x 38 cm
Publisher: seya Rihei (next to the title of the series Iseri seal in a red square)
Publisher’s seal: Iseya
Signature: Toyokuni hitsu with Utagawa seal in red


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