Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto
Date: 1885 (Meiji 18)
“Picture of the Golden Pavilion in West Kyoto” (Kyoto rakusei Kinkakuji no zu). This rare series has unique perspectives and a grab-bag of western stylizations, giving all of its images an almost eerie, unsettling feeling. The figures here are elongated, and the reflections on the pond are quite slantedly (and incorrectly) rendered. There was also a layer of imitation “lacquer” applied on the print to give it the shiny “western” look of an oil painting.
Publisher: Ikeda Fusajiro, Kyoto
Size: ôban
Condition: Excellent impression and color, very good condition. Some creasing and minor ink smudges in margins.
Sealed: Noda Norishichi (Tenshichi)
Inventory Number: YOK013